Forget whether a sport is cool, let’s concentrate on women being active

Last week a debate raged across the internet over the funding given to England Netball to effectively grow participation in the game. £16.9 million no less, one of the biggest sums provided to a non Olympic sport and one that caused a great outcry.

Why? Because it wasn’t enough? It wasn’t targeting the right inactive groups in society? No, it was because netball as a sport isn’t cool.

Now, I’ve looked quite closely at Sport England’s strategy into ‘Working towards an active nation’ and coolness of sport wasn’t the big issue to tackle. What was, and continues to be, is that one in two women in the UK are damaging their health through inactivity, something that costs the country an estimated £7.4billion a year.  That isn’t cool. Continue reading “Forget whether a sport is cool, let’s concentrate on women being active”


Throwing yourself into sport from an early age

Kelly Morgan has always been around sport, from snuggling under coats on court side at her mum’s netball games as a little girl to having a dad who was a Royal Army Physical Corps Instructor, it would have been hard to avoid. But for Kelly she’s not just embraced one sport in a sporting career but three.


Yes three. But she’s not just your average girl getting fit, Kelly goes beyond that, she’s a three time sporting sensation. And she’s still got more to prove, and is throwing herself into the sporting ring in more ways than one.

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